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Early Years (KS1) Feedback

“Go Velo provide wonderful fun and interactive learn to ride sessions which enable the children to develop their balancing and coordination skills.  Their wonderful instructors provide the perfect environment for Foundation or KS1 children to learn to ride a bike.”

Josh Dixon, Bolton Le Sands, Lancaster

Early Years (Reception) Feedback

The bike skills course for the Reception children presented development of physical gross motor skills in a supported, structured way. It was tremendously enjoyable for the pupils but it also built their confidence and gave a boost to their self-esteem through assuring them of their own abilities.

Key physical and personal, social and emotional skills supported by the bike course include

  • Being active and developing co-ordination, control and movement including negotiating space and handling equipment effectively,
  • Learning to understand the importance of physical activity,
  • Helping children to develop positive sense of themselves; to describe themselves in positive terms and talk about what they can do,
  • Helping children to have confidence to try new activities and to learn to have belief in their own abilities.

Since the course parents have reported that their children have used their bikes at home to push on with their newly-gained two-wheeler skills. They are managing to ride their bikes independently or are well on their way to mastering the skill.

They had great fun and it was amazing how much they learned in just a few sessions.

Thanks Go Velo for such a valuable experience.

Stella Brassington, Wheatley Lane School, Pendle

Caton St Paul’s – what the children said!

Feedback from the pupils themselves.

I’ve loved Bikeability so much, I couldn’t think of anything bad with it. I liked James and he was funny, but all the others were just as good.

I liked biking and learning new things like the ‘U’ turn. I thought it was going to be bad but it turned out to be excellent.

I had so much fun and James was a good instructor and he was really funny. It could not have been better.

I found it very fun, it was a very enjoyable experience. All that could be better is that we could have been on the bikes longer by going on a bike ride.

Bikeability is awesome. We learnt lots of new things, it was really fun. We could have been on our bikes more often.

I found Bikeability really fun and enjoyable. I don’t think you could improve anything.

I liked when we were riding round the playground at the end of the morning, allso when we did all the linking together on the roads.

Today and yesterday was really fun, our instructors were fun and now I know what to do when riding on the road.

I thought Bikeability was fun because the instructors taught us lots and they were all good.

I learnt a lot and really enjoyed it. I don’t think you could have done any better.

I think that Bikeability was really fun, but the down side was that we didn’t get to go on a propped bike ride.

I Think the Bikebility was good, it taught me about road safety. The instructors were good as well.

It has been a great experience. Had a great time.

I really enjoyed bike ability because it has helped me feel more confident on the road. James was really fun.

I thought that Ian was very good and he made sure we understood everything he was teaching us.

I really enjoyed Bikeability. It was very fun and useful. Our group leader Morris was very kind, funny and helpful. As well as being very patient and polite. We learnt a lot of new skills.

I really enjoyed the Bikeability with Ian today, it was fin learning everything.

I liked doing the ‘M’ check. I learnt to do it every time that I use my bike.

Bikeability is great, I have learnt so much over the last two days. I think that the instructors should be very proud of themselves. Morris was very good.

I thought James was very funny. I loved Bikeability and learnt loads of new skills.

Adult Cycle Training Feedback

I am much more confident now I have taken part in Go Velo’s Cycle Training with my instructor Daria. I have never been much of a cyclist and wanted to get out on my bike to make use of it and to improve my fitness and to get cycling again as I used to cycle everywhere and loved it! I have learned how to signal correctly and safely and how to start correctly. During my second course we went onto busy roads and I feel a lot more confident riding in the traffic now. I had two courses and felt confident enough to go off a cycle alone after my courses so thank you Daria! 

Shenaz Patel

Slyne With Hest – what the children said!

Feedback from the pupils themselves:

Bikeability has been great Morris was a great teacher. At the end of the training we put all the outcomes together.

I enjoyed doing riding in the circle in the morning on the playground. I enjoyed doing ‘U’ turns and learning about the Highway Code and the junctions on the road.

Over the last 2 days it has been really fun, and I have enjoyed learning new things on our bikes. Thankyou

I liked the part when we practiced different skills. It could have been better if we could have gone on a propped bike ride.

I liked it when we went out of school and did lots of stuff on the road. Although it was a bit hard it was good fun.

I liked it all because we learned lots of new things and I have improved my bike skills.

I loved Bikeability and I don’t think you should change any of it, because it’s a simple way to be safe on the road.

I liked the two days that we did Bikeability, it was fun and awesome.

I liked everything about it, but the best part was when we linked all the outcomes together on the road.

I liked all the skills we did and leaning how to be safe on the road.

I really liked doing the last bit, putting all the skills together but it was a bit confusing with witch way to go.

I liked everything and I will not forget the skills on the bike that you have taught me.

I liked all the cycling skills I leant but I wanted to do some more practices at emergency stops.

I loved doing ‘U’ turns and learning about the right and left turns.

St Paul’s Constable Lee

Just want to say a massive thank you for the sessions that have been run within school.

Go Velo have always been an efficient organisation, sending well trained staff and delivering sessions that are fun and engaging for all the children who take part.

It has provided a massive boost for some of our children who don’t have the opportunity to ride a bike. Some of our children don’t own bikes and these were provided, along with expert tuition to help these disadvantaged children.

Prior to Go Velo, we used support staff within school to deliver this vital training. This meant that children were restricted in where they could ride and the way in which they were taught. This is no longer an issue and we feel happy and confident in our children now riding to school, safely and independently.



Rachel Lee

St Paul’s

Whitechapel Primary School

Bikeability was an excellent introduction to road cycling for all our year 5 children. It helped children learn about how to keep safe when cycling and about the maintenance of their bike and checking roadworthiness. It also helped them understand why it is important to keep safe and why being safe is their responsibility.

The initial session (on the playground) helped build children’s confidence and their cooperation skills. They learned about responsibility towards other road users by cycling together. Using fun activities, they were encouraged develop better control of their bikes ready for being out on the road

The session held on the road was exceptional. For our children, who attended school in a rural area, it was essential an essential experience as they are more likely to cycle on the road than on t he paths. The instructors were careful to keep the children safe whilst allowing them to have a real experience of being on the road with everyday traffic.

Other elements of the course included learning about road markings and road signs. This was done at the right level for the children and taught them all of the important things they needed to know especially related to priority. 

The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and kind. They showed respect for the children and worked hard to develop everyone’s skills regardless of their cycling ability at the start of the course. All the resources were of a very high standard and even included cycling helmets and high visibility vests for all the children.

The feedback given, in the form of certificates, was well received and the children enjoyed being presented with their certificates and badges in assembly.

I would highly recommend Bikeability as a way of introducing children to cycling in the “real world” on the road.


Melissa Connell, Year 5/6 teacher.

Lea Community Primary School

The whole Go velo team were amazing.

They very quickly built relationships with our children and staff alike, set high expectations of our children and gave them the confidence and encouragement to succeed throughout all elements of the Bikeability training.

Their enthusiasm for cycling and instilling into our children not only the safety elements of cycling but also the health and enjoyment aspects of it was refreshing.

The high trainer/ child  ratio made progress easier to achieve and gave time for personalised training to be accessed.

The whole Go velo teams adaptability to ensure that even the least confident and non cyclists achieved success was touching and their sheer motivation enthused these children to ‘have a go’ resulting in some non- cyclists becoming cyclists 🙂

During feedback from our staff team we are all in total agreement that we have never seen Bikeability delivered as well and with as much dedication. Our children were given a real slice of quality training and are now much more proficient and competent cyclists from the efforts put in from Go Velo . . .  A HUGE thankyou to all the team and please can we have you back next
year 🙂


Level 2 & 3 with Lancashire Police October 2013

“GOVELO provided pedal cycle training for officers. The Bikeabillity training was fantastic and really beneficial to anyone who is commuting or a leisure rider “ Rick Hek on behalf of Lancashire Police

Some comments from participants:

  • Instructional technique was excellent, lessons well planned and well delivered
  • The trainer split the group so it was more one to one which was more effective
  • Talking it through in stages then going on the road.  It was a good experience, I feel more confident
  • The course was spot on, perfect for our needs