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Whitechapel Primary School

Bikeability was an excellent introduction to road cycling for all our year 5 children. It helped children learn about how to keep safe when cycling and about the maintenance of their bike and checking roadworthiness. It also helped them understand why it is important to keep safe and why being safe is their responsibility.

The initial session (on the playground) helped build children’s confidence and their cooperation skills. They learned about responsibility towards other road users by cycling together. Using fun activities, they were encouraged develop better control of their bikes ready for being out on the road

The session held on the road was exceptional. For our children, who attended school in a rural area, it was essential an essential experience as they are more likely to cycle on the road than on t he paths. The instructors were careful to keep the children safe whilst allowing them to have a real experience of being on the road with everyday traffic.

Other elements of the course included learning about road markings and road signs. This was done at the right level for the children and taught them all of the important things they needed to know especially related to priority. 

The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and kind. They showed respect for the children and worked hard to develop everyone’s skills regardless of their cycling ability at the start of the course. All the resources were of a very high standard and even included cycling helmets and high visibility vests for all the children.

The feedback given, in the form of certificates, was well received and the children enjoyed being presented with their certificates and badges in assembly.

I would highly recommend Bikeability as a way of introducing children to cycling in the “real world” on the road.


Melissa Connell, Year 5/6 teacher.