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Slyne With Hest – what the children said!

Feedback from the pupils themselves:

Bikeability has been great Morris was a great teacher. At the end of the training we put all the outcomes together.

I enjoyed doing riding in the circle in the morning on the playground. I enjoyed doing ‘U’ turns and learning about the Highway Code and the junctions on the road.

Over the last 2 days it has been really fun, and I have enjoyed learning new things on our bikes. Thankyou

I liked the part when we practiced different skills. It could have been better if we could have gone on a propped bike ride.

I liked it when we went out of school and did lots of stuff on the road. Although it was a bit hard it was good fun.

I liked it all because we learned lots of new things and I have improved my bike skills.

I loved Bikeability and I don’t think you should change any of it, because it’s a simple way to be safe on the road.

I liked the two days that we did Bikeability, it was fun and awesome.

I liked everything about it, but the best part was when we linked all the outcomes together on the road.

I liked all the skills we did and leaning how to be safe on the road.

I really liked doing the last bit, putting all the skills together but it was a bit confusing with witch way to go.

I liked everything and I will not forget the skills on the bike that you have taught me.

I liked all the cycling skills I leant but I wanted to do some more practices at emergency stops.

I loved doing ‘U’ turns and learning about the right and left turns.