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Early Years (Reception) Feedback

The bike skills course for the Reception children presented development of physical gross motor skills in a supported, structured way. It was tremendously enjoyable for the pupils but it also built their confidence and gave a boost to their self-esteem through assuring them of their own abilities.

Key physical and personal, social and emotional skills supported by the bike course include

  • Being active and developing co-ordination, control and movement including negotiating space and handling equipment effectively,
  • Learning to understand the importance of physical activity,
  • Helping children to develop positive sense of themselves; to describe themselves in positive terms and talk about what they can do,
  • Helping children to have confidence to try new activities and to learn to have belief in their own abilities.

Since the course parents have reported that their children have used their bikes at home to push on with their newly-gained two-wheeler skills. They are managing to ride their bikes independently or are well on their way to mastering the skill.

They had great fun and it was amazing how much they learned in just a few sessions.

Thanks Go Velo for such a valuable experience.

Stella Brassington, Wheatley Lane School, Pendle