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Caton St Paul’s – what the children said!

Feedback from the pupils themselves.

I’ve loved Bikeability so much, I couldn’t think of anything bad with it. I liked James and he was funny, but all the others were just as good.

I liked biking and learning new things like the ‘U’ turn. I thought it was going to be bad but it turned out to be excellent.

I had so much fun and James was a good instructor and he was really funny. It could not have been better.

I found it very fun, it was a very enjoyable experience. All that could be better is that we could have been on the bikes longer by going on a bike ride.

Bikeability is awesome. We learnt lots of new things, it was really fun. We could have been on our bikes more often.

I found Bikeability really fun and enjoyable. I don’t think you could improve anything.

I liked when we were riding round the playground at the end of the morning, allso when we did all the linking together on the roads.

Today and yesterday was really fun, our instructors were fun and now I know what to do when riding on the road.

I thought Bikeability was fun because the instructors taught us lots and they were all good.

I learnt a lot and really enjoyed it. I don’t think you could have done any better.

I think that Bikeability was really fun, but the down side was that we didn’t get to go on a propped bike ride.

I Think the Bikebility was good, it taught me about road safety. The instructors were good as well.

It has been a great experience. Had a great time.

I really enjoyed bike ability because it has helped me feel more confident on the road. James was really fun.

I thought that Ian was very good and he made sure we understood everything he was teaching us.

I really enjoyed Bikeability. It was very fun and useful. Our group leader Morris was very kind, funny and helpful. As well as being very patient and polite. We learnt a lot of new skills.

I really enjoyed the Bikeability with Ian today, it was fin learning everything.

I liked doing the ‘M’ check. I learnt to do it every time that I use my bike.

Bikeability is great, I have learnt so much over the last two days. I think that the instructors should be very proud of themselves. Morris was very good.

I thought James was very funny. I loved Bikeability and learnt loads of new skills.