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Go Velo considers Health and Safety its priority.

For Go Velo’s comprehensive Health and Safety policy, please contact Go Velo to request a copy.

Risk Assessment

All venues, rides and activities are risk assessed. Risk Assessments for the Bikeability sessions or Go-Ride coaching sessions in schools, are given to schools, before the course starts. Risk Assessments for rides, venues or activities can be obtained by contacting Go Velo on 01282 787386.

First Aid

All of Go Velo’s instructors are first aid qualified. Each instructor carries his/her own first aid kit. Additionally, all instructors receive regularly updated CPD and mentoring every six months.

Safety Procedures

Go Velo prides itself on its attention to detail when considering clients’ safety. Before every session:

  • Helmets are checked to ensure their conformity with EN 1078, checked for damage and adjusted to fit correctly
  • Helmets must be worn and not removed
  • Clothing is checked to ensure there are no loose items / laces undone
  • Bikes are checked by conducting an M – Check, basic adjustments are made. If the bike is not roadworthy then the bike will not be used during the session.
  • Consent forms obtained and medical information gained

During Bikeability sessions:

  • High Visibility jackets must be worn at all times
  • Helmets must not be removed during the sessions
  • All group members will be visible to the instructor at all times
  • All pupils wait on the pavement while not cycling under supervision
  • Instructor to trainee ration never exceed 1:6
  • The instructor has the right to bring individuals back to school, should the children’s behaviour compromise the safety of the group

For led rides / activities

  • Helmets must be worn by children under 16 (strongly recommended to adults)
  • Ratios must not exceed standard requirements for the specific activity