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Road Positioning

One of the most important things children learn as part of Bikeability is where to position themselves on the road.

Primary Position

In the middle of the lane. This is the default road position for cycling on busy roads and complex junctions. It gives you the greatest control of your road space. It offers most options for avoiding hazards and makes you more visible to other road users.

Secondary Position

Giving up some of the lane. This position provides sufficient space and visibility when you need to share the road, riding to the left of the traffic stream. It should be used when there is plenty of space for you to be overtaken.

Position in Traffic Stream

Ensure that you and your children ride in the traffic stream when you need to. This should prevent a driver from passing too close.

This is especially relevant when passing parked cars and junctions and on narrow roads. Always avoid riding in the gutter to miss drain covers and debris as well as to be more visible.


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