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Planning, Equipment, and Bike Check


You should plan where you are going and how long it will take. Make sure all the family, or group, can cope with the distance, terrain and hills.

Check all equipment and make sure you have food and drink if necessary.

Make sure everyone has suitable clothing and be prepared for changes in weather.

Make sure everyone is clear on the order you will be cycling in and how you will tackle turnings, junctions or obstacles.

Ensure everyone’s shoelaces are tied and that there is nothing hanging down that could get caught in the chain or brakes.

Equipment Check

Ensure helmets fit tightly around the circumference of the head and the strap is secure below the chin, with enough room for two fingers between the strap and the chin.

pile of helmets

Bike Check

Before you set off on any ride, check all bikes in the group are in good working order. Remember your ABC: A – air, B – brakes, C – chain. 

Brakes – check the front brake by rolling the bike forward and applying the brake. The bike should stop quickly. Ensure you can fit two fingers between the brake lever and handlebar. Roll the bike backwards to check the rear brake.

Tyres – squeeze the sidewall of the tyre to check the air pressure. There should be no give and the tyre should feel solid.


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