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Bikeability Training

 Go Velo runs an authorised Bikeability Scheme. Bikeability is the modern version of Cycling Proficiency, designed for current road conditions to teach how to ride a bike confidently. There are certificates and badges for each level.

Bikeability is run in three levels: Level 1 consists of basic bike handling skills in a traffic free environment, Level 2 is held on quiet roads, Level 3 is advanced cycling on busy commuter routes.

Go Velo’s Bikeability cycle training is accessible for all. 

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 Bikeability Level 1  Bikeability Level 2  bikeability-3
You learn the basic skills to control a bike. The training takes place in a traffic free environment. Gets you onto the roads, and able to deal with low volume traffic.  More advanced! This helps you deal with a wider range of traffic and road conditions than in Level 2.


This course is fully funded by the Department of Transport and is free to all schools.  The training can be accessed by contacting the Local Authority or Schools Sports Partnership.

Once your school has been allocated funding, Go Velo will make contact with the school to book in the sessions.  The school will receive a letter of confirmation, a letter for parents and consent forms, which need to be returned to school prior to the start of the course.

Children need to bring their bikes, helmets and suitable clothing to school. We send out a bike maintenance checklist prior to the course, if parents have any concerns about the bike, it is recommended they contact the Go Velo mechanic on 01282 787464.  Children are given a Go Velo High Visibility vest to wear for the sessions.

On successful completion of the course, children receive Bikeability level 1 and level 2 certificates and badges.

But don’t take our word for it: here is what the learners say!